Sacristans, Art & Environment

Sacristans  Dedicated volunteers share the responsibility of maintaining the sacristy. Their duties include: light housekeeping, laundering of altar linens, decorating and cleaning for special Holy Days, maintaining the holy water fonts, sewing Baptismal robes, and preparing the Sanctuary for weddings, funerals, and baptisms. The Sacristy Chairperson is responsible for securing volunteers, coordinating work and time schedules, keeping current inventory of altar supplies, checking vestments for cleaning and repair. Volunteers are always needed and are most welcome. 

Art & Environment Committee “One God, many gifts.” A similar phrase describes the Art and Environment Committee - “One destination, many roads.” We have all been blessed with a variety of wonderful gifts, among these are our senses and our minds. Uniting the latter in a total experience of the Eucharistic Celebration is the ongoing purpose of this Committee. By working to enrich the celebration in this way, we hope to encourage the use of our God-given gifts to return thanks and praise to God. 


For further information please contact the Parish Office at (708) 485-2900.