Holy Guardian Angels Food Pantry Collection

(formally St. Barbara Food Pantry)

September Restocking the Holy Guardian Angels Food Pantry

Please Help Restock the Holy Guardian Angels Food Pantry Sunday, September 25th , is our next food pantry collection, held from 9:00 through 11:00 am in the front of St. Louise de Marillac Church.

The food pantry is in urgent need of restocking. All of us who shop for groceries have seen the increase in the cost of almost everything we need to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for ourselves and our families. We may read and shop the grocery ads for sales, use coupons, eliminate meat from many meals, substitute ingredients, purchase fewer snacks…all to stay within budget. How far can a budget be stretched to avoid food insecurity?

Our food pantry serves many individuals and families who must answer this question everyday. They can not provide or enjoy healthy meals without the pantry’s assistance. Is it possible for us, every parishioner of Holy Guardian Angels Parish, to purchase just one needed item from the pantry list every time we shop for groceries and bring to the bimonthly collections?

These are the most needed items needed for summer: Bottled water, canned meals, canned tuna, canned meats, peanut butter, jelly, canned soups, boxed mac’n cheese, boxed dinner “sides” such as Knorr noodle mixes and Rice-a-Roni, instant mashed potatoes, and healthy snacks for children. Non-perishable food items always in need are: rice, pastas and sauces, all canned fruits and vegetables, dried beans, and bottled and canned juices. Just imagine how this sacrifice will sustain us all as we share in the blessings of giving a gift and receiving a gift!! That gift goes far beyond donating an item of food to help provide a nutritious meal.

Each gift unites us all in our shared faith in the spirit of what Jesus taught while He was incarnate on earth. We confirm the dignity of each person and bear witness to the value each person contributes to our parish and to our community. We are all able to share the living gospel and put our faith into action. We inspire others to sacrifice and share what they are able. Stock the Pantry collections are now bi-monthly. They are all held on Sundays, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at the entrance to St. Louise de Marillac Church.

The remaining dates to collect for the Holy Guardian Angels Food Pantry:

Sept 25, Oct 2, Oct 16, Nov 6, Nov 20, Dec 4, Dec 18