Pray for the Faithful - orar por los fieles

We always welcome names for the sick.

Please note that request must only be made by the individual or an immediate family
member. Names will remain in this prayer list for 3 months



September: Julius Kaplan, Evelyn Eilers, Mary MarƟnez, Vera Seibert, Dave Perry, Jay Wahlstrom, Rick Pérez August: Danny Carrillo Marơnez, Juanela Porras, Ruth SƟso, Sharon Suchsland, Mary MarƟnez, Jalisa Mendoza, Ross Balling, Jay Wahlstrom, Fr. Steve PaƩe , Malcolm Ball July: Jamie Morgan O’Brien, AvenƟno Calveƫ III, Patrick Huber, Guadalupe Padilla, Mary MarƟnez , Joyce Jacks

DECEASED/DIFUNTOS: Lino Alonzo, Guadalupe OrƟz de Sotelo, Kristy Perry, Paul Anerson, Eleanor Russ, Connie Gonzalez, Edward M. Ward, Juan Diego Favela, Steven Lynn, Stella Maciuszek, Timothy Deaton, Pedro Luis Montalvo, LaVern Weissensel, Decon Gerald Fox, Margaret Mikel,

GW GROUP Mass IntenƟons: Donald and Cecelia Goldthwaite, IgnaƟus and Anna Paurazas, Rev. Peter Paurazas, Casimir and Mary Paurazas, Mathias and Elizabeth Valoniskas, George Malcavicuis , William Valoney, Apolonia and Johanna Kilkus, Frank and Alice Goldthwaite, Robert Goldthwaite Family, Carole and Joe Stuart Family