SPRED (Special Religious Education Development)

SPRED forms small communities of faith to welcome children, teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and various learning problems so that they may be prepared and supported to belong to their own parish assemblies of worship. At HGA, we work with adults aged 22 and older; however, other parishes work with all age groups from age six. Meetings are on a regular basis during the school year, sharing our creativity, faith and fellowship. 

SPRED Volunteers Needed
The SPRED ministry has been part of our parish for many, many years.  Since then people have moved away or decided to retire after years of involvement for various reasons.  We need six (6) more interested adults - men or women 18 years and older - who want to know more about SPRED. We will have a gathering of parents who live with a person with a developmental, intellectual disability or is on the autism spectrum of any age or ability.  We also want to reach out to parishioners so we can rebuild this ministry. If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about the SPRED program, please contact Carol Benda in the Religious Education Program at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 708-927-4017. 


Neighboring Parishes in our area that offer a SPRED Program:
  • Ages 6-10 = Mary, Mother of Divine Grace
  • Ages 12-17 = St. Paul VI 
  • Ages 17-22 = N/A
  • Agest 22+ = Holy Guardian Angels Parish