HGA Name Day

Holy Guardian Angels Feast Day Celebration

     Holy Guardian Angels Parish will again celebrate its Name Day on Saturday, October 2.
     The celebration will consist of a service project, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, a Eucharistic procession, Mass and will conclude with light refreshments.
     The schedule will be as follows:
     1 p.m.: Service project -- fill Buckets of Hope with cleaning supplies in Music Room of south  campus parish center.
     2:30 p.m.: Adoration of Blessed Sacrament at St. Barbara Church
     3:30 p.m.: Eucharistic Procession leaves from St. Barbara to St. Louise de Marillac
     4:30 p.m.: Benediction at St. Louise Church
     5 p.m.: Mass
     6 p.m.: Light refreshments in the north campus Colonnade Room


This years’ service project will be collecting cleaning supplies for victims of Hurricane Ida as part of the Buckets of Hope effort sponsored by the group Hope’s on the Way. See the list of supplies needed below.
      The cleaning supplies can be brought to either church site on the weekends of September 18-19 and 25-26.

       We will sort the supplies and fill the buckets on October 2 in the south campus Parish Center. If you are interested in helping or for more information, call Noel Thornton at (708) 522-2914.

        Buckets of Hope

         Liquid laundry detergent, one 50-ounce bottle
          Liquid household cleaner, 48 ounces
          Dish soap 30-ounce bottle any brand
          Airwick air freshener1 scrub brush-plastic
        2 packages of 18 multi-use reusable wipes
        1 large sponge
        1 pack of 3 to 5 heavy-duty scouring pads
      50 clothes pins -- wooden
          Cotton clothesline (one 100-foot or 2 50-foot)
      18 heavy duty trash bags (30- 45-gallon)
       1 package of 5 dust masks
         Two pairs of disposable waterproof gloves large or X-large
         One pair of large work gloves (leather palms preferred)
         (Bleach is not accepted because it is toxic) 

      Buying all of these supplies costs around $30. Most of the items can be found at Dollar Tree or Menards. If you are unable to fill a whole bucket, we ask that you donate as many items as possible from the supplies list.

       To sign up for the Eucharistic Procession or to participate in the Buckets of Hope Service Project, please complete and submit the Sign-up Genius form.